Case Studies

Toilet Paper, one of the top commodities shoppers were panic buying during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Background: The Tissue Paper processing industry is seen as one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa; mainly because of population explosion, rapid urbanization and social awareness within the countries.

Problem/Need: With the prohibition/restriction on the importation of Tissue Paper products, the industry is looking very attractive for Nigerian manufacturers. But is there an opportunity for a new player in the market?

Solution: Versa Research conducted a market understanding study where we

  • Dug deep into the industry and its operations
  • Discovered trends affecting the industry and the individual products
  • Analyzed key players using SWOT and perceptual maps and so on.

Benefit: The findings from this research showed the client a gap within the supply chain of the Tissue Paper Processing industry where they have an unfair advantage.

Made in Africa…Luxury Brands

Background: As retail is growing on the continent, we also see a growth in the uptake of Made in Africa products such as skincare, clothing, accessories and packaged food items. And more and more of these brands have high quality, aesthetics and are commanding high prices.

Problem/Need: There are luxury Made in Africa brands, but a select few retailers carry their products. Most of these brands are forced to sell directly to customers. Is there a need for a luxury Made in Africa retail store? Would the client’s concept of their luxury Made in Africa retail store be accepted?

Solution: Versa Research conducted a concept evaluation study where we

  • Identified the persona of people who purchase luxury products in Nigeria
  • Understood their purchasing and consumption behaviour
  • Gave them scenarios of the different store concepts and gauged their acceptance and so on.

Benefit: The findings from this research showed the client that within the luxury industry there are different levels of luxury and current retailers in Nigeria focus on a specific level, giving the client access to an untapped market.

Disrupting Traditional Systems

Background: About 60% of the African population is unbanked and almost 50% of Africans have mobile phones, which is fueling the growth of the Fintech industry and has made it one of the top-funded industries in Africa with Nigeria having one of the biggest ecosystems.

Problem/Need: As funding within the Fintech space increases, so does innovation. However, to be competitive, it is essential to understand how innovation is perceived by your target market.

Solution: Our client revamped their mobile application and so we conducted a UX Research study where we

  • Allowed their customers to interact with the digital solution
  • Identified the different factors hindering conversion and so on.

Benefit: The findings from this research showed the client that there was a feature in their previous mobile application that their customers value, which was taken out of the revamped application.

Satisfied customers buy more and tell others

Background: Customer Satisfaction is the fulfilment customers derive from using a product or service. Measuring customer satisfaction is essential to measure how you fall short, meet or exceed the needs and expectations of your customers.

Problem/Need: As a top player in their industry, our client realized their challenge within the consumer purchasing funnel was ensuring their customers stay loyal.

Solution: Our client needed unbiased feedback from their customers that will feed into their Customer Experience Management program and so we conducted a Customer Satisfaction study where we

  • Identified the client’s Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Derived the importance of each driver of satisfaction and so on.

Benefit: The findings from this research allowed the client to identify which drivers of satisfaction they were performing poorly on that were important to their customers.