The Future of Data: Machine & Humans

The Future of Data: Machine & Humans While you focus on building a tech-savvy company, you still need humans to give your data context! Within the Data industry, data collected by machines is called Big Data. It is then analyzed using Machine Learning Algorithms. While data collected and analyzed by humans is called Market/Marketing Research.  […]

How Healthy is Your brand?

How Healthy is Your brand? Have you ever wondered how businesses keep growing? Or why their brand names become category names?  Well we will tell you; what they do is ensure their brands are kept healthy! By keeping their brands healthy, they are ensuring a fulfilling experience for each customer when they encounter the brand […]

Marketing to Gen Zers

Marketing to Gen Zers How can Brands market to these “We Generation”? 1.Brands should know who they are and what their Brands stand for  Gen Zers are in pursuit of the truth; they seek reliable Brands that are trustworthy. They seek Brands that stand for social causes and work hard to influence the community they […]

Gen Zers!

Gen Zers! Different generations have different interests, priorities, cares and values. As such, they are receptive to different marketing messages… Marketing messages must be relevant to the audience, it must be believable, it must increase brand desire and eventually lead to an action.  In the United States, analysts, predict that by next year (2020), Generation […]

Data Data Evrrwhere!

Data Data Evrrwhere! Big Data Analysis Today, in businesses large and small, the impact of Big Data if used effectively, is tremendous! Big Data helps businesses reduce cost and time. It helps innovate processes and offerings, and assists with better decision making. Big Data is useful in all industries but it is especially useful in […]

Measure Success. Measure Impact. Evaluate your Programs!

Measure Success. Measure Impact. Evaluate your Programs! Program Evaluation Research  Program Evaluation is a practical, scientific way of collating information about projects, programs and policies; particularly about their expected result and effectiveness. Program Evaluation is the assessment of activities that are designed to perform specific tasks within a specific period of time. For example, the […]

Brand X, where are you?

Brand X, where are you? Simple tips to increase the presence of your brand both online and offline During the past week, I have been sourcing online and scouting offline for brands to partner with. This was one of the most exhausting and challenging exercise I did all week mainly because of rookie mistakes brands […]

I am Africa!

I am Africa! How do you support Brand Africa in your work and daily life? As countries and regions around the world are beginning to push nationalist believes and look inwardly, it is time for us Africans to also look inwardly and lean on each other. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a report in […]