Brand X, where are you?

Simple tips to increase the presence of your brand both online and offline

During the past week, I have been sourcing online and scouting offline for brands to partner with. This was one of the most exhausting and challenging exercise I did all week mainly because of rookie mistakes brands make.

So here are some simple tips I have collated in the past week to help increase your brand’s online as well as offline presence:

Have a Website! 

Your website does not have to be fancy nor cost you a lot, just a basic page where people can learn more about you and find your contact details.

Have Social Media Accounts

When your brand has social media accounts it increases its ranking on Google and aids in getting your brand found more easily by the search engine. Even if your target market isn’t necessarily on specific social media platforms, ensure you have accounts on all the platforms so as to increase your ranking.

Keyword Optimization

There are specific words and phrases, consumers use when searching for certain product categories. In some industries, it takes a bit of searching to know what words are being used. A quick search on will help you identify the lingo used for your product category. And with that, ensure you use them in all your website and social media content. This also helps increase your ranking on Google and makes you easily found.

Google Maps

Register your physical store/office on Google maps, this ensures your store/office shows up when a search is made based on location. For example if someone searches for ‘cafes near me’, yours will be part of those that come up.

Contact Number

Have a contact number (and one that actually works), so potential clients can call and confirm your location or services. If numbers aren’t going through, people get frustrated and don’t bother coming to you.


Have visible signage in front of your store/office. If your store/office does not have a street view, put up direction on the street next to your it so people won’t miss you.

These are just a few simple tips to help increase your brand’s presence

Good Luck Branding!