Gen Zers!

Different generations have different interests, priorities, cares and values. As such, they are receptive to different marketing messages… Marketing messages must be relevant to the audience, it must be believable, it must increase brand desire and eventually lead to an action. 

In the United States, analysts, predict that by next year (2020), Generation Z aka Gen Tech aka iGeneration, aka Gen Y-Fi aka Homeland Generation aka We Generation aka Post Millennials will make 40% of all consumption (Kelton Global, 2019). They currently have $29 Billion in buying power and $333 Billion in influencer power (Kelton Global, 2019). 

So who exactly are these Generation Z?

Gen Zers are people born between 1995 – 2015,  they are digital savvy and technology gurus. They are regarded as the ‘We Generation’ as they focus on the growth of themselves and others unlike the ‘Me Generation’ (Millennials). Some of their values, attitudes and behaviours include; 

  • A search for truth 
  • Individual expression and the avoidance of labels
  • Mobilization and action for a variety of causes
  • Belief in dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world
  • Highly analytical and pragmatic way of decision making 

These values, attitudes and behaviours unique to Gen Zers influence the way they view consumption and their relationships with brands. There are 3 things for marketers to note about Gen Zers;

  1. Access to consumption is preferred over ownership! For example, they would rather have access to cars through car sharing services than owning cars
  2. Whatever they choose to consume is a reflection of who they are! For example, plant based diets are chosen which reflect their desire to stand up to climate change and sustainable living 
  3. Consumption is done taken ethics into consideration! For example the boycott of Japanese products due to Japan’s decision to stop the exportation of high tech materials to South Korea.

So as marketers, how can we market to this We Generation? Stay tuned for next post…


Kelton Global (2019). Gen Z Doesn’t Need Your Brand. 5 Steps to Win Them Over. Ebook. Retrieved June 2019