Marketing to Gen Zers

How can Brands market to these “We Generation”?

1.Brands should know who they are and what their Brands stand for 

Gen Zers are in pursuit of the truth; they seek reliable Brands that are trustworthy. They seek Brands that stand for social causes and work hard to influence the community they operate in. In order to grow a Brand targeted at Gen Zers, ensure your Brand stands for something and keeps its promises at all times. All Brand assets and all marketing activities of your Brand must be aligned to this core value that the Brand stands for. 

2.Brands should deliver an exceptional core product and service

As mentioned previously, Gen Zers are lovers of the truth! They are very rational; seeking truth and authenticity when choosing a Brand to patronize. They choose Brands that excel at their core product or service. All other offerings are seen as bells and whistles and do not impact their Brand choice if the Brand is not excelling at their core offering.

3.Brands need to build a relationship with their customers 

In order to do this, Brands need to be authentic with their customers. Be honest, transparent and reliable! Inspire them, excite them, provide them with products, services or content that can help them achieve their life goals. Collaborate with them to help create and innovate your products and services. As well, collaborate with them to help evangelize your product and services through influencer marketing.

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