Why Versa?

Continuous Learning: we are a passionate group of researchers whose zeal pushes us to stay up to date on the industry and become industry experts

Added Value: we meticulously study your business; your growth drivers, differentiation points, mental and physical availability, and product innovation to add value to your business

Data Quality: we execute a detailed check on all data we collect and handle to ensure it is accurate, complete, consistent and reliable

Actionable Insights: we provide you with data (‘the what’), insights (‘the so what’), as well as the recommended strategy (‘the now what’)

Our Team

Busola Boyle-Komolafe – Director of Research

Busola is a researcher and consumer behaviour specialist,  with over 10 years experience in research, in industries such as Advertising, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, Insuretech, Fintech, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, FMCG, Recycling, and Telecommunications. She is a skilled qualitative research moderator and data analyst.

She has great interpersonal skills, time management and communication skills. And also possess excellent leadership problem-solving and management skills.

She has a passion for developing businesses, empowering women and exploring cultures. She is a professor at Orange Academy and the director of research at Versa Research.

Adekemi Omisakin –  Research Analyst

Kemi is a researcher with over 2 years of experience in the research industry working on projects within the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurtech, Food and Beverage, Sanitary Health, Mental Health, and E-commerce Industries. Using numbers and voices of people, she is able to outline patterns, trends and associations to aid decision making.

Kemi has excellent analytical, problem-solving, communications and interpersonal skills. She is skilled in data analysis, data visualization and business intelligence.

She also has a wide interest in books; especially fiction written by African authors, food photography and mental health. She presently works as a research analyst in Versa Research.