Nigeria’s E-Commerce Space: Booming or Dooming?

Nigeria’s E-Commerce Space: Booming or Dooming? “In 2018, E-Commerce revenue in Nigeria was over $12 Billion and is expected to reach $75 Billion by 2025” E-Commerce is the use of the Internet to purchase goods and services online. Nigeria is ranked the second country in Africa (behind Mauritius) with the highest revenues from E-Commerce and […]

Research for Documentaries (Tips)

Research for Documentaries (Tips) “If the story you end up telling is exactly as you had imagined, then you weren’t listening.” – Luke Korem Two weeks ago, I watched a much-anticipated documentary by a renowned actress, with a storyline that is very apt for the global Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately, this anticipated documentary was […]

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstrual Hygiene Day! As we highlight the importance of Menstrual Hygiene around the world, Versa Research has published an educational piece that details what Menstrual Hygiene Management is, the different elements that make it up and a brief exploration of its state in Nigeria. Download Report Here Menstrual Hygiene Management Report