Unlocking The Potentials Of Neuro-Marketing

New Market Research Tools

The goal of brands is to understand the needs and desires of their target audience. Over time, we have found that what consumers say is not necessarily what they do. But not to worry, Neuro-Marketing is here to save the day!

Neuro-Marketing has been around for roughly a decade and most firms have used this technology when designing their products, websites, advertising campaigns and packaging. Neuro-Marketing uses neuroscience (Brain Research) to reveal subconscious consumer decision-making processes.

Unlike traditional market research, Neuro-Marketing derives data not only from information provided by research respondents (through traditional research methodologies) but also from observations of respondents’ unconscious reactions.

So what are the tools used in Neuro-Marketing?

They include Mouse Tracking, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding and Brain Activity Measurement/ Electroencephalography (EEG).

Mouse Tracking


Using a preinstalled software, respondents’ mouse cursor position and movement is recorded. The goal is to gather information on what respondents are doing and how they navigate on your interface such as: Website, E-Commerce page, Social Media pages and so on. The recorded data, when analyzed, aids in the improvement of the interfaces; design and structure.


Eye Tracking

This tool is very effective when testing your product packaging as well as product placement. Eye-Tracking records the position of the eyes, the movements they make, and their points of fixation. It helps brands to know what customers think about their product packaging and also the product placement; brands will obtain information on the colour, the image, text size, text shape, position of product on the shelf, how your product stands out in comparison to others and so on.


Facial Coding

As facial expressions are strongly linked to emotions we use these expressions to deduce emotions. Facial Coding is powerful when testing advertisements. Considering using this tool? It is simple! Show your respondents a stimulus, as they watch, their moment-by-moment facial expressions are measured, the results are aggregated and you are able to deduce what emotions they feel.

Brain Activity Measurement/Electroencephalography (EEG)


Brain Activity Measurement assesses a wide range of brain waves during the EEG test of your product/marketing material. It works when a person feels, sees or hears something; a particular part of their brain  is activated producing electromagnetic waves. The EEG device captures these waves and transforms them into a graphical image which you see on the screen. Brain Activity Measurement is highly effective when used to test advertising, taste preference or scent preference.

Neuro-Marketing is very helpful in gathering in-depth actionable insights about your product, packaging, product placement, advertising, interface and so on.

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